Moss x Rhiannon Smyth

Moss x Rhiannon Smyth

Meet Rhiannon Smyth, the powerhouse behind some seriously impressive home transformations and a true aficionado of all things colour! Our Mingle table in Lilac caught Rhiannon’s attention and between us, we think it’s the perfect fit for her newly renovated living room.

In Rhiannon's home, every nook and cranny is a testament to her creative flair. It's like stepping into a gallery of cosy delights, where each piece tells a story and every shade sparks joy. And let's not forget about those signature pops of colour—seriously, they're like a warm hug for your glistening little eyes!

So, what's her secret to making it all work? Well, it's all about staying true to herself and letting her imagination run wild. With a splash of paint here and a funky accessory there, Rhiannon's managed to create a space that's uniquely hers—one that's bursting with personality and charm for her family to enjoy.

We had the chance to dive deeper with Rhiannon, and we're excited to share her tips and tricks with you along the way.

Lisa: What first sparked your passion for interior design, especially when it comes to using vibrant colours?  

Rhiannon: I’ve always loved homewares and interiors but didn’t start using vibrant colour until recently, finding inspiration in Magazines and on Instagram.

Lisa: Do you have a favourite colour? What is it?

Rhiannon: I can’t pick between pink and purple! 

Lisa: Where do you typically find your inspiration / What inspires you?

Rhiannon: I find inspiration on Instagram, in home interior magazines, and on Pinterest. Seeing how others use colour always inspires me to use more!

Lisa: We LOVE that you’ve incorporated our Lilac Mingle Coffee Table into your living room. What drew you to this piece?

Rhiannon: Obviously, the colour and the shape! I knew it would be perfect for my recently renovated living room.

Lisa: What are some common misconceptions you think that people have about using lots of colour in interior design?

Rhiannon: I think some people think adding lots of colour is too over the top and may date too quickly. They also may find it hard to pull colours together that don’t clash or look too busy

Lisa: How do you strike a balance between using bold colours to make a statement and ensuring the space feels comfortable and inviting?

Rhiannon: You definitely need to add a mix of lighter and neutral tones so your statement pieces really pop and stand out. I find big fluffy cushions, throws and rugs can help add lots of texture and warmth to a space. 

Lisa: Many admire your ability to create spaces that feel both lively and harmonious. Can you share some tips for achieving this balance?

Rhiannon: I try and create each space around a piece of art or coloured feature wall and then use hints of that shade and other complimentary colours in my decor accessories. 

Lisa: Finally, for those looking to inject more colour into their homes, what advice would you give them to get started?

Rhiannon: Definitely don’t be afraid! You can start small by adding coloured cushions, flowers, feature art etc, and then when you build up the confidence, you can add some colourful furniture!  

And there you have it! The moral of the story? Find colours that speak to you, let your imagination run wild, and let your spaces be authentically you.

Image Credit: Rhiannon Smith (@rhiannonsmyth)