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To quote Big Magic author, Elizabeth Gilbert, "A creative life is an amplified life. It's bigger, happier, expanded, and a hell of a lot more interesting".

Meet the founder

'At home, my space is my sanctuary - filled with furniture and objects that genuinely bring me joy. We spend so much time at home and at work, I think it's incredibly important for us to have spaces where we can truly express ourselves and feel at peace. I hope to empower people to be a little bolder, more playful and build the confidence to be whoever they want to be!' - Lisa Anneveldt.

But creativity and self-expression can be daunting. At Moss, we're all about providing a safe space for designers of any level. Be it updating your forever home, an office makeover, or share house revamp, all these places that we pride ourselves on, they're windows to the soul. So we understand you want to get the vibe just right.

Founder and Creative Director, Lisa Anneveldt, had been honing her craft for over a decade in the design industry when she decided to leave her very own indelible mark on it by creating her own studio. From property stylist, then interior design consultant, to head creative, Lisa has distilled the science of design and is obsessed with its power to bring out the best in people.

Moss Furniture is all about giving you the tools and guidance for self-expression and we welcome collaboration. Come to us with questions, ideas and curiosity. We love workshopping spaces and building something together, because everyone deserves their own sanctuary, a space they can feel at home, inspired and proud to have created!

Our Process

01. Research

We start by analysing trend reports on colours, new materials, economic conditions and more. This research always sparks plenty of inspiration!

02. Design

Once a direction is established, we curate a collection and work with our trusted manufacturers to source materials and create samples.

03. Manufacture

After final tweaks are made, we approve our samples for production! Our suppliers then get to work to produce and package our goods to the highest standards.

Our Mission

Environmentally speaking, Moss aims to do all of the above with a light touch. Lisa prioritizes suppliers of raw materials, and business partners of all kinds who have a strong Corporate Social Governance (CSG). "Ethical choices are at the heart of everything we do, from materials to work life balance. We value collaboration, respect, empathy, support, equality, wellness, and personal growth. Innovation drives our design, materials, and trendsetting initiatives, while honesty and trust underpin all our interactions." In a nutshell, Moss Furniture's mission is to make good design accessible for those who appreciate it, and those who care for the environment.

Moss Sustainability